Today we are celebrating International Children’s Day. So, why not reblog one of the most beautiful posts that I wrote here last year? Enjoy this day, being happy, being you!

With love,


Ouso Escrever

What babies can teach us about love and life?

Babies, these inoffensive little creatures, not only can deeply love other human beings without expecting anything but also teach how vulnerability is a fundamental requisite of our existence. It is ridiculous to perceive that a long time ago, we were babies with an immense and intact capacity to love, laugh, and without too high expectations, just a hug or a kiss would be enough.

Where did we lose ourselves?

Babies don’t care about your status, your income, if you have a big car or a house with a swimming pool. The crying happens not because they are mean, but just because they are scared and perhaps hungry.

So the question also should be, what are we doing with our babies? Are we learning with them, or are we teaching them not only how not to be a baby, but also a…

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