Tomorrow, Saturday, September 4th, is World Sexual Health Day. So today, I am bringing this topic inviting all of you for a moment of self-reflection. Do we need dating games to love and receive love adequately? Aren’t games, exactly, what keeps us apart from getting the love we want and need?

Portugal is now the first country in the world to officially recognize the WSHD as a National day, which is the culmination of a solid legislative path recognizing sexual health as a fundamental part of human being satisfaction.

Sex is part of our lives, but sexual health is related not only to intercourse but to the quality of our interactions, emotions, and physical/emotional well-being. Although, living in the twenty-one century. With so much technology and information around, humanity has become lazy when self-care and emotional is required. Infertility, sexual pathologies, and how to create harmonious relationships seem to be taboo for many. What are we afraid of?

Sex is a primitive instinct that no species is alien to. Through physical connection, the emotional bond between people is also strengthened. And even casual sex has an impact on our biology. We can’t deny it. We can’t deny that we need to connect deeply with one another, even though some are masters at suppressing this need and associated emotions.

Today, if you know someone who struggles with infertility issues, sexual disease, or other sexual health issues, make a phone call letting them know you care.

Educate yourself as much as you can about everything related to sexual health. But also how to build better relationships and be the emotional leader in them.

What does sex mean to you? What does mean being in a partnership? What are your deepest fears around intimacy, and why do you have them? What are the painful stories you are telling yourself over and over again around men, women, sex, relationships, and intimacy?

Are you following a script or following an open field where self-expression is possible? Scripts limits our potential and capacity to think out borders.

We have at least 90 years of credits to live. Please, live it wisely without constrictions or thinking about if acceptance by peers will be granted. Do not ever take anyone for granted, and be sure that from them. You learned the best.

Now, I invite you to look at Susan Winter’s video, where she shares an amazing explanation on how and why we should stop playing emotional games in dating.

Happy and educational world Sexual Health day,


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  1. Good post. Sexual Health Day should focus attention on the long and sad history of negative ideas about sex. First religious fanatics demonized sexual pleasure, then primitive medical quacks tried to make money by selling “treatments” to cure people of their desire for sex. Although those ideas have long since been officially discredited, negative attitudes toward sex are still a core belief in western culture.



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