Sadly, Today, we don’t know how to date anymore. We run away from love and people who turn on our deepest desires like we are running from the plague. We run away and dismiss people who easily can intuit from where we are coming from. A kind of flight that later, in some cases, might causes regrets. Would it be better to assume that we have no education for love and, perhaps, help is needed? We love in small doses waiting for something wrong to happen. Isn’t this a way to block the passage of love?

Well, perhaps it is wise to claim that love cannot be live in installments. That love is different from sexuality, even though it exists in love. We live in a blind state of mind and soul numbness, negating pleasure. Only pleasure can set us free. But do not confuse pleasure with bodies replacement or the so used expression ‘I’m open-minded.

Freedom begins within, and only with it can you experience real love and pleasure.

Think about it.

With love,


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  1. That’s thoughtful! It made me think about the relationship topic I wrote a week ago. Today, we’re losing the skill of communication, that’s why it is happening! We’re not really experiencing love.
    Boys and girls, both feel super nervous, though they don’t need to be. Oh! How can you forget Tinder?… It’s easy, isn’t it?!

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    1. Thank you for your commentary.

      Sadly you are correct about Tinder, dating apps, and social media. However, the learning of communication skills begins at home and learning how to love. Social work and education should start here, in families. Only then will children grow adequately and become healthy adults for love and in love.


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      1. Yeah, that’s correct. but if we take the example of home environment, it’s not turning out better over time. How many of children do receive proper communication from their parents, and how many parents do care about their child’s communication skills? Everyone is doing only one thing – Work! And saying one thing – I don’t have time!

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