Funny how everything is gone
feelings, the woman I used to be
How I used to see and feel you
Goodbye without dwelling it on.

I loved you, never faked it
neither, lied about it
Felt my heart ripped in your hands, baby
a lump cutting off my throat, I admit.

Was it wasting my time?
I can’t remember, I can’t describe
On a golden plate, I gave it all.
I thought it was love for a lifetime.

I Didn’t want you to save me
even though sometimes I felt in the dark.
Dissolving my soul between the dust,
rebuilding what I was supposed to be.

For you, maybe, I was a vicious passage.
Temporary stamina to help you found out
how true love can be such a great voyage.
It was my way back home with courage.

I could let you go. It was over
I want you to find your way back home
True love, genuine sentimental investment
translucent without frontier.

Missing you, somehow, for the rest of my existence.
Transmuting what was love into a memory
I hope you know, with honor I will.
Goodbye, my love with, one sentence.


© 2021 Alexandra Santos. All rights reserved.

Photo: © Jennifer Williams
Check out Jennifer’s work on Instagram:
and her’s official website:

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