It is my birthday today, ‘Thirty Heaven’ voyages in what seems to be, at least for now, a short life. 

I could write a lot, I could. But one of the greatest lessons that I will carry no matter where I go is, as long as we are pure enough, life will never throw us apart from our final destiny. It Might sound poetic, but it is what it is. Never judge a beautiful face without knowing the story behind it. Dive deep and be curious. Remove yourself from the so-called comfort zone. Embrace people who possess the brilliant understanding of bringing new oxygen into your life. Yes, the ones who are vocal about their opinions and want to teach you new lessons… with those, you will grow. 

I am the Wonder Woman outside the big screen. I am who I am, a butterfly. The tall chick who used to climb trees when she was a child. The little girl who used to play with animals on her farm. I still have alive within me the little girl that I was. Perhaps that’s why I look young. 

Beauty doesn’t require editions or filters. But it does demand attitude and character. Behind every material beauty, there is a heartfelt story. No likes, comments, or virtual ambiances can ever replace genes’ power and the warmth of human blood running through veins. 

Perfection doesn’t exist. It is a utopia that everyone wants to sell you all the time. If you can, don’t buy it. Don’t be another slave without conscience in this chaotic neverland. Be free with authenticity. Be the bird in the sky and the lion on earth. Just Be. Be because that is why you are here. 

Be the love you want to receive. Be the flame of a sacred heart. 

Ah… Happy Birthday, Alexandra, for your 37 springs.  

Happy Birthday, Wonder Woman. It is your 80th anniversary, eighty years feeding the imagination of many people around the world. 

With love,


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  1. Oi Alexandra.
    Desculpe por não estar presente neste dia tão importante.
    Mesmo atrasado quero te parabenizar pelo seu dia, por ser quem você e por ter a coragem de expressar sua visão de mundo sem maquiagem.
    Peço desculpas caso, em algum momento de nossas conversas, tenha dito algo que você não gostou.
    Deixo-te uma homenagem:

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