Although some individuals are inherently needy because of past traumatic events and lack emotional support from family members or peers, there is a common explanation that says you might be a needy person while searching for answers as a way to understand your reality.

The neediness trap is used by those who want to avoid confrontation. And assume responsibility for the consequences of their behavior, making you feel guilty and question the reality of the facts. As I mentioned in previous articles, the human brain isn’t designed to deal with nonsense, requiring as much information as possible to feel secure in the surrounded environment. So when you see someone acting like crazy searching for an explanation, before any judgment, ask yourself why this person needs so much an answer and what might be the reason behind it.

We hear, all the time, everyone talking about physical violence, but emotional abuse is more prevalent than we imagine leading to deep mental confusion.

If someone denies your reality, it is abuse. If someone is calling you needy or too sensitive, it is abuse. Lack of emotional education and emotional responsibility towards another human being is abuse. Does everyone do this consistently or consciously? In many cases, no! But, how many more years will you live? What do you need to feel safe in your relationships, workplaces, and social life?

Keep this in mind: You are here to live your experience to the fullest, not to be the clown of somebody else’s circus.

With love,



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