Father António Vieira said: “Many don’t have their hearts inside themselves, but outside and very far away, outside because they don’t nurture their selves, very far away because they only care or look after mundane and temporal things. 

Pandemic was an invitation for self-discovering and self-reflection. It will be ridiculous to say that we live in the middle of angels. But in and with the truth we can tell that exist really good people in their nature, and bad people who will never change no matter what. Showing compassion is the key to navigating in peace in what tends to be a short life. I’m not talking about forgiveness because forgiveness can not be applied in reverie. Funny how the sentence – you have to forgive – is released in the wind like something simple, like a magic wand to erase all the world ailments. 

More than seeking the perfect life and lover, ask within what is hurting. Fear of loneliness? Fear of intimacy? Fear of being trapped? I would like you to ask yourself what moves your world and aspirations. I would like you to analyze with telescopic eyes what went wrong and do better now. 

New years are redemption opportunities. However, there is something we must take into consideration, our subconscious mind. Without taking on board our subconscious mind, which is responsible for processing 20 million bits per second of information, the necessary changes in our lives won’t happen.

In the next article, I will explain how we can reprogram our subconscious minds.

With love.

© 2022 Alexandra Santos. All rights reserved

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