“She’s the fire and the fallout
She reminds you of the things we never talk about
She’s the lover with the best-laid plan
To break the man
She’s the trouble in the headline
She’s the mother who turns back father time
She’s the devil you understand
Break the man”

After seventeen years without releasing a new album, next February, the British Rock New Wave band Tears for Fears will debut their brand new album called “The Tipping Point”.

Yesterday, a brand new single was revealed under the name: “Break the Name”. “Break the Man” tells the story of all those women capable of changing a men’s life for good, the unforgettable woman, the unforgettable friend, and lover. Paying close attention to the lyrics, we can find a connection between this single and 1989 single – – Woman in Chains – as this last one talks about the necessity for a woman lives free from repressive archetypes. Once the chains are broken, one woman can truly love a man and change his life because she will take the lead while teaching emotional freedom. In truth, the reality of existing and being in some women, the feeling of being free. Sadly, it makes other women still imprisoned in their dilemmas seek revenge and competition.

Yes, some women do compete for men! They can be unconscious competitions and, in some cases, disguised under the context of doing something else. Either way is sad for me, at least, to look at these games to attract or keep a man. Of course, some guys might fall into such tactics if they are insecure, somehow needy, emotionally unavailable, or possess narcissistic traits. The rule is simple game attracts game, veracity attracts veracity aka intentionality attracts emotionally healthy people.

“Break The Man” wants to teach men to identify women who are “the catch”, “the big deal”. Because in the last two decades has been popularized this idea that powerful women intimidate men. Nothing farther from the truth. Factually, many women adopted this idea to avoid responsibility in the art of living and loving.

Emotional stable women won’t compete for men. In truth, it will be a turn-off, and they will leave without regrets even if the guy seems to be, at first glance, appealing. Stable women will invade your life with positivity standing by your side and reaching out with insightful conversations that you never had. “She’s the fire and the fallout. She reminds you of the things we never talk about. She’s the lover with the best-laid plan.”

With Love,


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  1. ugggghhhhhh. Your post reminds me of the old me – the one who was so broken that she played the “can I get this man to notice me” game. Then again, it’s not necessarily a bad thing – it also reminds me of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve healed. Also – yay! I love Tears For Fears!

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