This could be a typical article loaded with empowering messages about women. However, it seems much more interesting to me to present what I consider the best album of 2022 by a female artist. The singer LÉON doesn’t require a presentation. Although her magnificent voice can penetrate our hearing and soul, the truth is the writing skills revealed in her lyrics allow us to travel through time where we can re-visit remarkable moments of our lives.

Circles, the name of LÉON’s new album, ‘toast us’ with a vintage vibe embroidered with background melodies that take us back to the 70s and 80s of the last century while exploring the most vulnerable parts of the SELF. In reality, the journey of the Self is a lonely journey fulfilled with many ups and downs, but in the end, a rewarding experience that provides maturity. The only antidote against stagnation is the ability to move forward into the deepness of unknown new places where the only answer allowed is the striptease of the heart.

Today is Women’s day. But what does it mean to be a woman? Is being a woman marasmus of conceptions that lead nowhere? Competition for the spotlight? I don’t believe in narcissistic theories. Being a woman is all about awareness, the internalization of the impactful roles that we play in our societies, families, and intimate relationships.

Recently Naomi Campbell, British vogue – March ’22, revealed that she experienced motherhood for the very first time at 51 years old, advising other women to do the same. Why not? Isn’t Campbell’s story a clear example that we should only follow what is relevant (FOR US) and NOT what others (society) expect? We need to free our minds from castrating dogmas that only erode our essence and singularity.

Photo: Reproduction/Vogue UK)

I hope that you enjoy LÉON’s new album, inspiring yourself enough to endorse the true meaning of the word woman or man. We are much more than bodies, sexes, or names. We are the humanizing strength in which we colorize our experiences, desires, and dreams.

With Love,

© 2022 Alexandra Santos. All rights reserved.


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