Boy meets the girl. The girl meets the boy. Lovely birds in love as the bell is ringing up in the sky. But, oh no, the nightmare will start, there is no perfect nest, the prices are skying high. Who knows this reality? Please put your hand up in the air! 

It strikes me how many couples are suffering from – Fear of missing out syndrome – when it comes to the possibility of buying a house. In reality, housing demand didn’t change that much in the last forty or fifty years. What changed was how the real state industry itself, uses now profound human needs to inflate prices, turning a necessity into show biz. 

Let’s calm down now and think intelligently: 

  1. When the human brain has been indoctrinated almost every day that housing options are scarce or impossible to reach. What do you think will happen? 
  2. What is affordable and what is not? 
  3. What are your necessities long-term versus your dreams?
  4. What were the stories you heard since childhood about buying a house, family matters, etc.? Does buying a property provide you security? Integration in your community? Possibility to raise a family?
  5. Before panicking and listening to unnecessary pieces of advice, what about taking a real plan with someone who can advise based on your financial structure? No one size fits all. 
  6. Are you willing to move to another area and start from zero? Is building a house from scratches cheaper?

The documentary that I’m presenting here today is not just a representation of Australia. But also Portugal and other countries around the world. We are, indeed, facing a terrible moment, not because we had a pandemic for the last two years and now a war, but because of human greediness. If a couple needs a house or even buy land to start a family, isn’t government duty to take over the market regulation as a way to improve natality? Is buying/having a house now a Vanity, not a necessity?

What love birds should look after isn’t the ferocious competition, commercial slogans, but only if what they are buying is worth it, plus how it will affect the quality of their lives together and future children.

Take a deep breath now! What is yours will come to your hand!

With love,



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