The kindness of strangers movie directed by Lone Scherfig amplifies the meaning of kindness. But also what really means empathy. If anger can take away joy and freedom of the spirit, empathy and kindness have the power to transform lives while giving some hope. The lightness washes away the perpetual feeling of emptiness.

What separates us from others, if not the irrational need to contempt instead of just saying: “I need your help”. What about stonewalling? Aren’t sometimes vocabulary a way to strip others from their dignity?

Every single day we are facing cases of domestic violence around the world, seeing women and men killed by their partners. Hate campaigns. The speech, the non-verbal communication embroidered by repulsion, disgust, and fear. What do we pretend with this society? More ghettos? More homicides? Suicides?

The goal of hate is not merely to hurt. But also to irradicate, and destroy, the targe of such feeling. The destructiveness of another human being happens in three dimensions: Mentally, Socially, or Physically.

Think about it and enjoy the movie because sometimes saving a life is synonym of being human.

With love,



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