This article won’t be long demagogy about what is correct or not because it’s obvious to everyone that this war between Russia and Ukraine is the result of profound disregard for the sovereignty/autonomy of one nation. However, everyone should learn something from it and apply the lesson taken into their lives.

  1. We are all part of one cultural, social, and family system. But we cannot be judged for being part of that system just because it represents our nationality. Vladimir Putin doesn’t represent all Russians, but all Russians will suffer the repercussions of his decisions and actions. Is it fair? Not really. The penalization of one entire country because of head state mismanagement erodes the principles of freedom and citizenship.

  2. Volodymyr Zelensky has given a white glove slap to some European politicians when he refused to leave Ukraine. Heroism? What he is doing right now for Ukraine, is what we all should do for what is rightfully ours. These days the word diplomacy is thrown out into the wind as if there is no tomorrow. But in the shadow of that very same diplomacy. War crimes still exist, forcing people to seek shelter in foreign countries.

  3. While the world was distracted and worried about the pandemic, an individual or several individuals orchestrated a war taking advantage of existing weaknesses. Don’t we have to be more careful? Don’t we have to be more conscientious when electing our governments? But also braver in our decisions and not cowardly delegate our sovereignty to others?

We are witnessing history repetition that was thought to be dead and buried, the bombardment of unnecessary information on social media and mass media. A profound disregard for our rights as humans and our civil integrity. All this reminds me of one song by Cher – Heart of Stone – where she sings those lines:

“Get the picture
No room for the innocent
Peak season in lonely town
Knocked out of the ring by love
Are you down and up
Or up and down

Don’t you sometimes
Wish you heart was a heart of stone”

With love,


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  1. It’s a hard one, isn’t it. Similarly with the word ‘diplomacy’ you can throw around the word ‘education’ and ‘conscientiousness’, ‘fake news’ and ‘propaganda’ and all this stuff, which are all huge factors in our societies, but the problem is usually that the people using these words and listening to them are the ones already aware of these things. Huge problems can be caused simply by ‘large minorities’ of societies having fixed beliefs or opinions or mindsets. The desire to be part of a ‘club’ for its own sake. The phenomenon of religion exemplifies this and is one of the most pernicious examples. That kind of mindset gets people like Trump elected even in democracies and allows propaganda to have a huge effect on populations. It allows facebook to do what it is doing, even though it is a totally opt-in activity. In fact looking deeper, I think so much of current society just simply wouldn’t function if not for this kind of willingness to just go along with things, and lack of critical questioning.

    It is really really hard to think up universal solutions when our psychologies all differ so greatly amongst us (universally and at any scale). Our whole conceptions and awareness of life and therefore goals vary so much.

    And sometimes you can get people to agree on things in principle, but reality ends up very differently because we all have differing levels of conviction and integrity.

    And then there are the totally disproportionate negative effects which a small number of extreme psychologies (narcissism, sociopathy) can exert on large numbers of people.

    I think my conclusion is exactly the same as yours:

    “However, everyone should learn something from it and apply the lesson taken into their lives.”

    It’s about the best we can do. Speak to ourselves and share ideas with whoever is willing :). The rest we are probably stuck with.

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    1. Robin,

      Thank you so much for your elucidative commentary. You pointed out three important factors if everyone wants to understand the whole situation:

      1. Awareness towards mental health or psychological pathologies. Such as narcissism, sociopathy, psychopathy, bipolar disorders, and many others. And yes, these pathologies can interface and damage a whole society.

      2. The lack of critical thinking or questioning is fed by the education system, where students are taught not to think but to perform as sheep.

      3. The usage of fancy words normalizes savagery while fostering ghettos.

      About social media usage, I have this rule:

      I don’t have the app on my cell phone, and I don’t read my feed. I only go directly to my profile, using my computer, if and only I feel like posting something else (music, pictures, or my writing). I am cautious about what I consume, even visually speaking. For example, if I need to talk with my close friends, I simply make a phone call. I don’t text anymore that much.

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Robin. 🙂

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      1. When we realize that we are all one , we know that we are interconnected. Starting to detach from the smaller egoism and then surrounding ourselves and integrating our ego minds with our divine selves through high energy frequencies can do wonders .
        The outside world assimilates to our inner world . Nationalities and political affiliations are all illusions and shadows but the real reality is Christ consciousness, or the supreme mind or Buddha awareness .
        Start from yourself and see how solutions or the state of splendid flow comes out to be …Things unfold perfectly with the divine will but let us make our best to be in alignment with love , justice , righteousness, honesty and goodness …

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